Album of the Week: Reflections by MisterWives

Cause your sweet is sour, you’re a weed not a flower, just a pretty-faced coward is you.

Normally I like to use our Album of the Week post to shed light on a brand new record. But occasionally (like, right now) I get so overwhelmed with love for a certain band, that I just have to tell you guys about it, despite the album dropping several months ago.

Enter MisterWives: An indie-pop/folk-rock conglomeration of goodness. The trio, which consists of Mandy Lee, William Hehir, and Etienne Bowler, may only have one EP – Reflections – to account for, but they are already quickly becoming my new favorite band.

Aside from lead singer Mandy having pretty much the voice of an angel, I was initially attracted to MisterWives because of their brutally honest lyrics. Nothing captures my attention more than a song I can relate to, and the first tune off of Reflections, “Twisted Tongues,” did just that. And anyone who has dated a jerk (which is pretty much everyone, right?) will understand why I love it so much.

The only downside to MisterWives? They’re not coming to Georgia any time soon, as far as I know. Currently, they’re performing shows with Bleachers, but only in select cities.

So here’s to hoping they come out with a full-length album soon so they can go on tour.


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