BB Bites: Back in the Day Bakery

Any good Savannahian outta know—if you want it made like Momma would but better, there’s only one place and that’s Back in the Day Bakery.

Throwing back to the time when cupcake frosting was made with real butter and the eggs were whipped with real cream, the delights of this Starland District cafe & bakery are as “made from scratch” as you can get, and I promise the phrase never tasted so good.



Between bakery treats like my favorite banana pudding and artisan breads (all made fresh daily, of course), to the cafe staples like curry chicken sandwiches and their ice cold coffee brews, it’s your one stop shop for local, baked and delicious for breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner, snack, or anytime you’re interested in eating something that just tastes really good. And I mean really.

Slow Down and Taste the Sweet Life – Back in the Day Bakery

Open daily 8:00 am to 5:00 pm except Sunday and Monday (because even genius needs a break) I suggest stopping by for a loaf of bread early in the morning (they go first thing) and for a sweet-tooth craving in the afternoon. If you’re especially lucky and it’s a Saturday morning, drop by for one of their egg breakfast sandwiches; the almost quiche-like texture of their scrambled eggs and flakey, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits will make you feel like you’ve never really had breakfast before.


It’s not just the food that makes Back in the Day one of a kind; their atmosphere totally takes you in and won’t spit you back out. The retro-chic space inside sports locally made arts and crafts, concoctions and throwback kitchenware that looks like it hoped right out of a Candyland-meets-Mad Men fantasy. They’ve got plenty of space to have your cake and eat it too, so bring your laptop and your bluetooth capabilities and park it for a while—it’s just good for your juju.

For their recipes in your own kitchen, pick up their cookbook, The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook, and try out any of their masterpieces in your own home—just don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out exactly right, because you can always head into the store to get a taste from the masters, and, if you’re lucky, a little bit of advice from them as well.

If you’re hungry for something spectacular, take it from us and go with your gut because your gut is going to go with Back in the Day.




Be it baubles, bits, or the latest bagatelle, each week we’ll feature a new “It Item”—any homegrown, homebred, and Georgia-native must-have on the BB radar makes it on the list. 

Have a local favorite you can’t live without? Give us a shout out and we’ll add it to our list. 


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